Tips for buying a home in Modiin, Israel

Tips for buying a home in Modiin, Israel

Tips for buying a home in Modiin, Israel

Get an engineer report

Michael Bloom, managing director of Eretznadlan real estate agency offers advice on purchasing a home in Modiin. He recommends that anyone who has decided to purchase a property in Modiin should seriously think about getting an independent engineer report. Although it costs, it is a relatively small price to pay. An engineer can save you making a terrible and potentially disastrous mistake. Often real estate agents will tell you how good the property is and how wonderful the builder is etc. They may omit telling you the negative aspects relating to the property. Therefore, choosing a trustworthy agency is so important when buying real estate.

What can go wrong?

This problem can stem from the fact that that some vendors do not always tell us all they know, and real estate agents are not qualified to advise on the structural condition of a property.  In Ramat Gan during Saddam’s scud missile attacks on Israel there were many cases of damage to buildings. Some properties were found to have been built without sufficient foundations. Some buildings had to have their foundations reinforced.

A contract in Buchman fell apart because of a negative engineer report. The potential buyers fell in love with a property and were just about to close and sign the contract. Their independent engineer reported that there is a terrible dampness problem in the basement. They buyers decided to pull out of the purchase.

The buyers could not find an expert who would guarantee to fix the problem. Even after great expense and turmoil they were not guaranteed that the dampness problem would be fixed. Also, it would have meant breaking down walls and digging up floors and waiting a year to make sure that everything was fixed before putting in new floors and walls. Even if the vendor or agent tells the buyer there is a problem, only an expert can foresee the implications.

Do your homework!

Whoever buys a property should always do their homework. They need to make sure that they fully understand what they are getting involved with. Use the services of a real estate agency with knowledge and experience. An agency who will openly inform their clients about location problems, building defects, extensions that are without planning permission etc. One of the most important jobs of an agent is to direct you to the best experts in any real estate field to help you understand the whole picture before making irreversible decisions.

Best of luck,

Michael Bloom, Eretznadlan Real Estate Agent


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