About Eretznadlan

Michael BloomHe is the managing director of Eretznadlan. Michael Bloom has been a licensed Israeli real estate agent since 2005.

Michael Bloom is experienced with the Modiin real estate Market. He is a native English speaker originally from London. Michael speaks fluent Hebrew and is a Modiin, Buchman – Hashvatim – resident. Michael Bloom has firsthand knowledge of Modiin- Maccabim- Reut. With his unruffled approach, and versatile language skills, he can help you meet all your real estate needs. Michael also has many clients connected with the Israeli real estate market throughout the world.

What Is Eretznadlan?

Eretznadlan is a Modiin real estate agency in Israel. Eretznadlan directs its services towards both Anglo and Israeli residents looking to buy and sell properties in Modiin.
Eretznadlan’s main real estate activity is in the city of Modiin-Maccabiim-Reut.
Eretznadlan has been networking since 2005 with the very best real estate agents, lawyers, mortgage brokers, engineers & designers throughout Israel. We offer outstanding service to our clients. Eretznadlan offers a comprehensive service including buying, selling, rentals, property management. We provide professional real estate advice needed for potential customers. This will help you succeed in the residential real estate market of Modiin Maccabim Reut.

English speaking agency, honest and personal service, quality Modiin properties,
Perfect match for new immigrants

Eretz Nadlan is your bridge to the Israeli real estate market. Professional English speakers, fluent in Hebrew, guide you through every step of buying, selling, or renting property. We are committed  to meeting your personal real estate needs, while providing a calm, low-pressure experience. Eretz Nadlan specializes in the Modiin-Maccabim-Reut area, but also has special contacts throughout Israel.

Michael Bloom’s Eretznadlan works together in full cooperation with Pisga Nadlan real estate agency. This has been a long going winning strategy for both companies.

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