Buchman Homes For Sale

Buchman homes for sale Eretznadlan together with Pisga Nadlan Real Estate Agency have two new Buchman listings on their books.. One is a spacious 6.5 room house in Yosef Street. It was built by Dankner. This delightful property is located in one of the most sought after of streets in Modiin, in North Buchman, Hashvatim. […]

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Pesach In Modiin

Pesach is a wonderful time for Jewish families around the world to gather together and celebrate their freedom. Pesach is a special time for Jewish people to read through the Haggadah and learn how the people of Israel were liberated from being slaves in Egypt. This year I am writing from Modiin, uncertain of what […]

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Anabe Park, Modiin.

Anabe Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Israel. This delightful park is located in the heart of Modiin. It is a few minutes’ walk from the town center and is a wonderful place to visit. There are beautiful wide open grass areas that give a feel as though you are walking through […]

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Long Term Rentals In Modiin

Eretznadlan together with Pisga Nadlan real estate agency deals with long term rentals in Modiin. We have many properties throughout Modiin that we manage. This means that we have many exclusive rental properties. We have many rentals in Buchman and also in most of the Modiin neighborhoods. We have helped many owners find suitable and […]

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The Future of Modiin

The Future of Modiin. The Central Bureau of Statistics has reported that there are now 28,097 properties in Modiin. There were about 26,700 in 2022. This shows an increase of approximately 30%. since 2012 when there were close to 21,500 properties. It is expected that in 2050, at the end of Modiin’s stage two development, […]

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Shimshoni neighborhood of Modiin

The Shimshoni neighborhood of Modiin is named after the architect Shmuel Shimshoni. The neighborhood is split into two areas. North Shimshoni which is now called HaNeviim (The Prophets) and South Shimshoni which is now called HaMeginim (The Defenders). Shimshoni is situated in the north of Modiin just south of HaKramim neighborhood. The buildings in the […]

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Nofim, Modiim

Nofim Neighborhood Modiin Nofim (Views) is a beautiful neighborhood. There are many children’s parks, beautiful panoramic views and a quiet calm feel. It is a great neighborhood to live in. Nofim is situated North of the 431 road, South of Anabe Park and the Moreshet neighborhood, and west of the Tziporim neighborhood. It is in […]

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Moreshet, Modiin

Moreshet Modiin Article written by Lisa Baron who is an experienced real estate agent working in Modiin. – +972 58-6692036 Photographs by Michael Bloom. Map by Amitai Bloom Moreshet (meaning heritage) is a new neighborhood which is still in development stages. The neighborhood is large with close to 4,000 units. The center of the […]

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HaTziporim Modiin

Article written by Lisa Baron who is an experienced real estate agent working in Modiin. – +972 58-6692036 Photographs by Michael Bloom. HaTzipurim means “The birds”. The Streets are named after different species of birds found in Israel. HaTziporim has 990 units and is mostly flat topographically. There is a commercial center called the […]

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