Selling a Modiin property?

Is your Modiin property for sale? To sell a property successfully needs strategic marketing. This means a market survey with extensive knowledge of the surrounding environment and community closest to the asset. How much is your property worth? Presumably this is your most expensive investment! Our experienced and professional consultants team can offer you a comparative market survey of your property. This will help you understand and decide the right price to market your property. We offer you a free introductory meeting with no obligation. We provide the knowledge and recommendations that will help you understand and sell the property in the best way possible.


Want to buy a Modiin property?

ERETZ NADLAN real estate agency offers you all the tools needed to buy a property. We learn exactly what you need – what is important to you. With this knowledge we will help you find exactly the right property for your needs.  This means saving you precious time. We are experienced in negotiations and we can help you get the property you have chosen. We will assist you in coordinating with all the professionals involved in buying a property. This includes visits to the property such as city municipality checks, appraisers, engineers etc. In addition we can recommend tried and tested professionals. This is for the purpose of obtaining mortgages, real estate lawyers and other professionals that you might need.

Eretz Nadlan is your guide to Modiin real estate!

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