10 Tips To Buying A Dream Home In Modiin

10 tips to buying a dream home in Modiin

  • Think about what your dream house should be. What neighborhood would you want, how big the property should be. What type of property would be your dream home, for example if it should be on one floor or could it be a duplex or triplex, do you dream of owning a penthouse or would a garden be an important factor.  What accessibility to the property is needed, do you want a newly built home or an older building? I suggest that you make a list of what are your definite needs and what things that you would be prepared to compromise on.
  • You need to know your budget. It is vital to understand what you can afford. https://www.eretznadlan.com/modiin-property-buying-expenses/ is an article on our website with advice on what expenses to expect when buying a property in Modiin. It is often advisable to contact a mortgage broker to understand what financing would be needed in purchasing Modiin property and you would be able to get a better idea of what you could afford. I recommend that you do not go beyond your safe budget.
  • Take your time. Do your research, try to see as many properties as possible that could suit your needs. There may be many properties in the Modiin real estate market that could fit as your dream home. Make sure that you know the pros and cons of each property. I suggest always to hire an engineer to check a property that you are interested in before going to contract. Sometimes there is a bargain or a unique property on the market that is perfect for your needs and dreams. In this situation it might be advisable to make an offer quickly so that the property will not be purchased by another buyer with sharp instincts.
  • Be prepared to say no. You might have found your dream home, but it is beyond the budget that you could safely afford. Sometimes there are other buyers who spiral the price when negotiating to an uncomfortable level. There could be structural flaws that could leave you with long-term and expensive issues. There will always be something else to buy if you keep looking. If you have a good real estate agent listen to their advice. At the end of the day only you can decide if you wish to move forward on purchasing a property or to walk away.
  • Learn to compromise. Your dream home may not be possible, but if you compromise on some aspects, you may be able to purchase a wonderful property. Sometimes the home might need to be updated. It might be worth owning a property that needs to be updated and doing renovations later when it could be more affordable for you.
  • Location. Location is vital when choosing a dream home. It might need to be close to shuls or specific educational establishments. It might need to be close to shops or local transport. Each street is different and sometimes even the side of a boulevard can make a difference. You can renovate your Modiin home, but you cannot move its location.
  • Look to the future. When you buy a property always think about the future. When you need to sell, will it be easily sellable. Is it a property that will go up in value. Some properties have options to extend, for example. If the garden is very large it might be difficult in the future to maintain. If there are many steps leading to the front door it could lead to accessibility issues in the upcoming years. Always keep in mind that the future is dynamic, and it is worth factorizing the future into your decisions.
  • Renovations. If your property needs to be updated, this could be your opportunity to renovate your home to your needs and dreams. A property fully renovated by the purchaser is like living in a brand-new home.
  • Engineer check – Bedek Bayit.  Don’t be blinded by what you see. The property could look fantastic and yet there could be serious issues beneath the floors or hidden inside the walls for example. A qualified engineer has the knowledge and equipment to check over the property and give a report that will help you decide if you wish to move forward and get to a contract.
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