Anabe Park, Modiin.

Anabe Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Israel. This delightful park is located in the heart of Modiin. It is a few minutes’ walk from the town center and is a wonderful place to visit. There are beautiful wide open grass areas that give a feel as though you are walking through a large London green park. As you enter the park from the Messua side you can see a large amphitheater which overlooks a magical lake.

Main Entrance
Amphitheater and city center
Adventure Playground
Dog Park
Car Park

The amphitheater is used for special events. I once watched England play in the World Cup on a giant screen and I have also been to many summer musical concerts. David Broza and Dany Sanderson are examples of performers that I have seen at the amphitheater. The lake has boating activities during the summer months. There is an adventure playground and a spray park.

Anabe lake
Adventure playground
Lake scene
Picnic table
Seating by the lake

There are several picnic areas and a large and popular dog park. There are trails for walking, running and mountain bikes that lead into the Ben Shemen Forest. There are many exercise machine areas on the paths and quiet sitting areas on the trails. Large model dinosaurs are placed around the park. The park is quite hilly but there is an elevator on Shderot HaChasmonaim at Kikar HaTachbura to access the park. Parking is in abundance and is free to Modiin residents. There are also public conveniences in the park. Anabe Park is very special and well designed. Anabe Park is like a diamond in the heart of Modiin.

The  photographs in this article were taken on my walk through Anabe Park on the 3rd of April 2024.

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