Bank Mizrahi Tefahot Conference In Modiin

On Thursday the 7th March, I attended the Bank Mizrahi Tefahot event on foreign residents and new immigrants about real estate and banking opportunities 2024. The event took place in Grey Club in Modiin. Their were a large number of people who came to the event, they included mortgage brokers, real estate agents and real estate lawyers. The speakers spoke about what Bank Mizrahi Tefahot offers to foreign residents and new immigrants, now and in the future. There was an electrifying speech by Marc Reiss who runs the International wealth division at the bank for foreign residents and new immigrants. After the speeches there was a panel led by Yoav Limor from the channel 12 tv station.

This was a very interesting event. It certainly helped me to understand how important it is for Jews worldwide to purchase real estate in Israel and how to help them. The forecasts according to the speakers show that it is wise to invest and buy property in Israel during these challenging times. I believed this before the event, but listening to the different speakers reinforced my understanding of the Israel real estate market for new immigrants and foreign investors. Thank you Bank Mizrahi Tefahot for hosting such a wonderful and important event.

There is a very good article on the Bank Mizrahi Tefahot website about mortgages in Israel. I recommend you to read it:

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