HaTziporim Modiin

Article written by Lisa Baron who is an experienced real estate agent working in Modiin. Lisabenisty39@hotmail.com – +972 58-6692036

Photographs by Michael Bloom.

HaTzipurim means “The birds”. The Streets are named after different species of birds found in Israel. HaTziporim has 990 units and is mostly flat topographically. There is a commercial center called the forum in the center of the neighborhood. HaTziporim is walking distance to the train station, the Azrielli mall and the central business district known as The Maar. HaTziporim has shuls and is in walking distance to the Nofim neighborhood and is located above Park Anabe.

HaTziporim is mainly Israeli with a growing Anglo community. HaTziporim is located between the main highway 431 and Anabe Park. There is an Ashkenzi shul and a Sephardi shull. (one is mainly for Anglos). There are no schools in Tziporim- there is a bridge connected to the Nofim neighborhood and children mainly go there.

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