How to rent a home in Modiin

First steps.

If you need to rent a house or apartment in Modiin you need to know what kind of property that would suit your needs. Are you looking for a villa, cottage or apartment? Do you need a garden? How many bedrooms. Will you need to be close to public transport, shuls and shops etc.?  Determine your monthly rental budget!

Choosing a neighborhood!

Modiin consists of many beautiful neighborhoods. Buchman is a very sort after neighborhood. Visit our Buchman article to get details of this special and unique part of Modiin. Please write to us for advice on other areas.  We recommend searching the internet and ask friends and relatives living in Modiin to find out their opinions. Walk around Modiin and ask people what they think about Modiin and find out what neighborhoods might be suitable for your needs. That is a great method to get unbiased opinions.

Find a suitable property!

Once you have decided what you want, it is worthwhile contacting a reliable and experienced real estate agent so that you can get professional help to find the property that best suits your needs.

You have chosen a property – what now!

This is the time to negotiate over the terms of the rental. What furniture will be left, try to negotiate over the monthly rent, discuss the payment schedule. Are dogs allowed? How long can you rent for, one two years or more etc. Tenants usually pay for all utilities including rates and service charges. After all the fine details have been agreed upon it is best to sign a contract using the services of a lawyer.

What other expenses are there?

The tenant pays for municipal taxes and vaad bayit (service maintenance charges). The tenant pays also for electricity and water rates. The landlord should pay for property repairs unless they are caused by negligence from the tenant. What is important is that everything should be worked out and written within the contract. Real estate agency fees are paid by the tenant if the tenant requests a realtor to find a rental home. Fees are usually one month’s rent plus VAT.

What guarantees are demanded by the landlord?

These can vary. The landlord has invested a lot of money buying a property. It is important that they do their utmost to protect their investment. Usually, an undated security check of one to three months or more rent. In addition, the tenant may be asked to provide the landlord with a promissory note (shtar hov) signed by two guarantors for any additional damage caused to the premises. The tenant is normally asked to obtain two guarantors to guarantee fulfilment of the lease. These guarantors should be local Israeli residents with proof of means of payment. If you are paying by cheque, you will probably be asked to pay with a banker’s cheque for the first payment.  You might be asked to postdate the rest of the cheques.  You might be asked to give the phone number of your last landlord so that they can be contacted. Landlords may check your bank account to find out if you have a clean account. All these issues need to be checked and sorted out before going to contract.

Do you need a lawyer?

We always recommend that a lawyer’s services should be used in drafting a contract. Sometimes a lawyer will save you money by making sure that your interests are protected in the contract, and this can save you heartache later.

Contract is signed!

Realtor fees and lawyer fees need to be paid immediately after signing the rental contract.

Please Look After the Property that you have rented!

Those who rent properties should take care of them, pay their rent on time and leave immediately according to what is agreed in their contract. Do not take advantage of landlords and abuse the properties that you are renting. Abide by the rental contracts that you agree to. If you abuse the landlord, you could ruin it for other potential tenants. Many people need to rent homes and it is vital that landlords are not deterred to rent out their properties because of bad experiences.

Please be responsible!

 Eretznadlan wishes you mazel tov, happiness and good health in renting your new home. As we say in Israel “Behazlacha” (succeed)!

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