Israel Rescues Two Hostages

Two hostages, Fernando Marman and Louis Har were rescued today. The Israeli defense forces , Shin Bet and the Israeli police force rescued them in a combined heroic operation that will go down in Israel’s military history as one of its daring operations. The hostages were held by Hamas terrorists in a family home in Rafah in Gaza. They were taken to Sheba Hospital, and reports say that they are in good health. The people of Israel are rejoicing with this good news. Almost every Israeli dreams of peace with its neighbors. Unfortunately Israel understands that it has to defend itself against those who wish to live with hate and violence and the desire to destroy Israel. Yesterday two Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza, Sergeant First Class (res) Alon Kleinman from Tel Aviv and Sergeant First Class (res) Adi Eldor from Haifa. Whilst we rejoice with the news of the release of two hostages, we must not forget that there are many hostages still held by evil Hamas terrorists. Many Israelis have family serving in the IDF. This means that Israelis are firmly aware of the price and sacrifice that the people of Israel are prepared to pay in order to defend their country and to ensure the safety of its people. I believe that most Israelis hope and pray that one day Israel will be able to live in peace with its neighbors.

The photographs are of banners placed on homes in Buchman, Modiin.

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