Ma’ar Modiin – Merkaz Asakim Rashi

The Ma’ar stands for Merkaz Asakim Rashi. In English this means the main central business district. The Ma’ar is in the town center of Modiin, in close walking distance from the central train station, the central bus station and the Azrielli mall.

It is designed as a wide Avenue with office buildings, apartment buildings and shops running along both sides of the boulevard. There are also cultural and leisure centers and pubs. There is a delightful magical walkway in the middle of the boulevard with many eateries, park benches, water features and shade.

 The Ma’ar is a truly amazing project that has helped make Modiin a fantastic city to live in. It has also added another interesting element to the dynamic and exciting Modiin real estate market, and it has become a popular place for entertainment and fun for families and people of all ages.

To the future.

There is a planned hotel being built and a large medical facility.

There is an excellent website called ModiinApp which  has a vast amount of useful and interesting information about Modiin. Here is a link to their ModiinApp Ma’ar page.

Below are a few more pictures from the Ma’ar:

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