Mesua (Givat C) Neighborhood of Modiin

The Mesua neighborhood is in the center of Modiin. It was originally named Givat C due to its high topography and in the city planning maps Givat C was marked with the letter C.

The buildings are mostly 3 or 4 floors, and there are also many family houses. In the center of Mesua are six tower blocks. These are on Migdal HaLevanon Street. These tower blocks can be seen from afar and are an interesting feature of the Modiin skyline. The tower blocks are called Rubenstein Towers, named after the builder. The neighborhood was planned by the architect Moshe Safdie. Mesua means “torch beacon” referring to the height of this shining neighborhood. The main streets are named after valleys. The secondary streets are named after rivers and streams. The first residents moved into Mesua in 1996. There are over 9500 residents according to the Modiin Municipality as of the year 2023.

Hashmonaim Junction, Mesua sculpture
Migdal HaLevanon
Corner of Nahal Naaman Street

The neighborhood borders on the Maar and HaNehalim to the North. To HaTziporim and Anabe Park to the West, and to HaShvatim and Reut to the South. The Country Center in Emek HaHula is the first Modiin shopping center built and is part of Mesua. There is also a shopping center in Nahal Zohar. The main green parks in Mesua are in Migdal HaLevanon and in Emek HaHula. The schools in Messua, (Givat C) border on the HaShvatim neighborhood. There is Orot Modiin, the Mamlachti Dati school Mesuat Nerie and Nativ Zevulan School located at the corner of Shderot Yitzhak Rabin and Nahal Tsalmon.  The Nitzanim school is in Nahal Naaman where it meets Shderot Yitzhak Rabin, opposite the Super Tov supermarket.

Nahal Zohar Shopping center
Yam Glass Lane in Migdal HaLevanon Park
Migdal HaLevanon

There are many shuls in Mesua catering for different communities. Mesua has a mixture of residents with many Anglos living in the neighborhood. Mesua, Givat C is a hilly neighborhood and has lots of steps weaving their way through its magical streets. This is a neighborhood of charm and breathtaking views. It is a delightful neighborhood to own a home and a great neighborhood to wander around and enjoy its enchanting beauty.

Map by Amitai Bloom
Steps through Mesua
Nahal Zohar Street
Roundabout at Nahar Hayarden
Odaya Zechor L’Avraham Synagogue
Migdal HaLevanon Street
Migdal HaLevanon Street

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