Modiin Municipal Elections 2024

The municipal elections in Israel took place on the 27th February 2024.

In Modiin the current mayor, Haim Bibas was the only candidate to contest for head of the city council. Therefore there were no surprises, Haim Bibas will continue as mayor of Modiin – Maccabim – Reut gaining 91.8% of the popular votes.

I have written below the parties who contested for council seats in the 2024 municipal elections in Modiin. I have also added the percentage of votes that each party received after 100% of the votes were counted. There are still outside votes to come in so the results are not yet final. These figures I took from the government website on the afternoon of the 28th February 2024. Haim Bibas came first with 18.5% of the votes, and HaMachane HaLiberali led by Or Grinfeld came second with 16.7% of the votes.

Parties and the percentage of votes that each received:

Ba’im Yachad – Shahar Mei-on – 0.8%

Gesher Mechuberim LaToshavim – Yossi Avivi and Moshe Sadia – 6.9%

Ilan LeModiin – Ilan Ben Saadon   – 10.5%

HaDor HaBa – Elad Shimonovich – 9.2%

Haim BeModiin – Haim Bibas – 18.5%

HaMachane HaLiberali – Or Grinfeld – 16.7%

Kehilat Maccabim Reut – Kfir Cohen  – 4.7%

Mechuberim LeModiin – Amiad Taub and Amichai Zelig – 10.6%

Modiin Chofshit – Almog-Bar – 11.4%

Nashim BeModiin – Keren Bin Nun and Liat Menchel – 2.2%

Shachar Osim – Idan Hemi – 5.4%

Si’at A. Nashim – Adi Man 3.2%

I would like to wish all the parties who gained seats in the Modiin council good luck. I hope that the successful candidates will work hard and use their integrity, and always endeavor to make sure that the city of Modiin – Maccabim – Reut will continue to develop and expand on its exciting journey as one of Israel’s finest cities.

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