Modiin Neighbourhoods

Here is a short introduction to the different neighborhoods of Modiin. I will soon publish more articles about each specific neighborhood. Originally the names of the Modiin neighborhoods were mostly named after the architects who planned them. In 2010 the neighborhoods were named after subjects. HaShvatim means the tribes. The streets in HaShvatim (North Buchman) are named after tribes. For example Binyamin, Yosef and Yehudah streets. Kaiser was named Avnei Chen, meaning precious stones. The streets are mostly named after precious stones. For example Odem and Yahalom Streets. HaMeginim means the defenders. In HaMeginim neighborhood the streets are named after soldiers or names that are connected with battles and actions defending Israel. Street names include Yigal Yadin who was the 2nd chief of Staff of the IDF and David Elazar who was the 9th chief of staff and who was in command of the IDF during the Yom Kippur war. Hakramim is the northern neighborhood of Modiin. Moreshet and Nofim are the furthest western neighborhoods. Buchman is the most southern neighborhood of Modiin and Maccabim is located on the eastern side of the town. Modiin, Maccabim and Reut are today all part of the same city. The Maar is situated in the center of the city. In Modiin their are no bad neighborhoods. Each place has its unique qualities. As of January 2024, Givat Sher neighborhood is planned for the future. Moreshet is Modiin’s newest neighborhood.

Below is a map of the different neighborhoods of Modiin – Maccabim – Reut.

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