Moreshet, Modiin

Moreshet Modiin

Article written by Lisa Baron who is an experienced real estate agent working in Modiin with Pisga Nadlan Real Estate Agency – +972 58-6692036

Photographs by Michael Bloom. Map by Amitai Bloom

Map of Moreshet By Amitai Bloom

Moreshet (meaning heritage) is a new neighborhood which is still in development stages. The neighborhood is large with close to 4,000 units. The center of the neighborhood has an ecological park, with several shopping areas within the neighborhood. Moreshet is within walking distance to Avnei Chen (Kaiser) neighborhood. While the neighborhood has little infrastructure at present, it is in the process of being built and currently residents use the infrastructure and facilities in Kaiser. Topographically Moreshet is somewhat hilly and characterized by mainly high-rise buildings.

The Moreshet neighborhood has a lot of young families who are moving to Moreshet from within Modiin, but 70% of the buildings were purchased by winners of the Mechir Lamishtaken lottery which is also known as the Buyer Fixed Plan. Many of the winners are mainly from outside of Modiin.

There is no official shul In Moreshet at present, but some minyans are in Eretz Hatzvi which is the mamlacti dati elementary school, and the Gan Kibbutz Shamir (nursery building) on Yitzchak Navon Street. There are a couple more minyans in the ganim/school at Golda Meir 78.

As Moreshet is a new neighborhood, and the properties were partially bought by the Buyer Fixed Plan lottery winners, it is hard to tell the Israeli/Anglo ratio. I would say it is a mix of dati, religious and chiloni, non religious residents.

The local religious school is Eretz Hatzvi.

Below are photographs of the Moreshet neighborhood taken on 13th February 2024.

Golda Meir Street
Golda Meir Street
Park in Golda Meir Street
Efraim Katzir Street
Efraim Katzir Street
Chaim Weitzman Street
Park in Chaim Weitzman Street
Chaim Weizman Street
Ariel Sharon Street
Eretz Zvi School
Yitzhak Navon Street
Zalman Shazar Street

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