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Nofim Neighborhood Modiin

Nofim (Views) is a beautiful neighborhood. There are many children’s parks, beautiful panoramic views and a quiet calm feel. It is a great neighborhood to live in. Nofim is situated North of the 431 road, South of Anabe Park and the Moreshet neighborhood, and west of the Tziporim neighborhood. It is in close walking distance to Anabe Park and to the Tzipurim and Moreshet neighborhoods. The neighborhood is a short drive from Yishpro (Einav) center and from Patei Modiin train station. This lovable neighborhood is only a short drive and bus ride from Modiin town center.

Nofim is topographically quite high and has charming views looking down over other Modiin neighborhoods and valleys. Residents of Nofim began to move into the neighborhood in July of 2019. In 2023 there were 4900 residents. The neighborhood is accessible from the 431 road at the junction situated east of Einav center and from a bridge connecting to Moreshet over Wadi Anabe and by the Nofim – Moreshet bridge. Nofim is also accessible from the Tzipurim neighborhood by the Tzipurim – Nofim bridge. The buildings in Nofim are mainly mid-rise buildings.

Nofim was established after an umbrella plan was signed in 2014 by the Israel Land Authority, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, with the Municipality of Modiin – Maccabim – Reut.
The size of the Nofim neighborhood is 954 dunams, and includes 1,845 units for residents to live in. The neighborhood of Nofim also has an extra 9,500 square meters of land for commerce and employment, kindergarten, and for education and public establishments, cycle lanes, and green open areas looking over Anabe Park that will connect to the adjoining neighborhoods with underground passages and bridges.

Twelve of the streets in Nofim are named after forests in Israel. Yaar Ben Shemen, Yaar Beeri, Yaar Charuvit, Yaar Baaram, Yaar Hatzrim, Yaar Yerushalaim, Yaar Yatir, Yaar Eshtaol, Yaar Hanita, Yaar Zorea and Yaar Alonim. The name of the main Street is called Yaarot Yisrael (Forests of Israel) and leads to all the other streets. There are quite a few shuls, but the main ones are the Sephardi Kol Yisrael city minyan, Tze’irei Hagiva Nofim and the Ashkenzi Minyan. In Nofim there are two schools, Hofim (Beach) school and the local religious school is Nof Harim (View of the Hills).

The neighborhood has 8 kindergartens. 5 are secular. 3 are religious kindergartens. The kindergartens next to Hofim school are named after beaches. The kindergartens next to the Nof Harim school are named after regions of Israel.

If you are looking to own a property in a quiet Modiin neighborhood then Nofim could be a great option for your Modiin real estate goals.

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