Pesach In Modiin

Pesach is a wonderful time for Jewish families around the world to gather together and celebrate their freedom. Pesach is a special time for Jewish people to read through the Haggadah and learn how the people of Israel were liberated from being slaves in Egypt. This year I am writing from Modiin, uncertain of what will happen in these uncertain and worrying times. Just a few weeks ago I was at Heathrow Airport. An official working at the airport heard my English accent and asked if I was going away on holiday. ‘No I replied, I am going home.” he then asked me, looking puzzled, where is home. ” Israel, I replied”. Israel is the home of the Jewish people, it has always been so since biblical times and Modiin, Israel is where I chose to build my home and raise my family. This year especially, my family and guests will poignantly understand why it is vital for the Jewish people to live and be free in the State of Israel.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Jewish readers a safe and happy Pesach.

Happy Pesach and Shalom from Modiin, Michael Bloom

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