Shimshoni neighborhood of Modiin

The Shimshoni neighborhood of Modiin is named after the architect Shmuel Shimshoni. The neighborhood is split into two areas. North Shimshoni which is now called HaNeviim (The Prophets) and South Shimshoni which is now called HaMeginim (The Defenders). Shimshoni is situated in the north of Modiin just south of HaKramim neighborhood.

The buildings in the neighborhood are mainly low blocks and semi-detached houses. There are also some tower blocks in the neighborhood. Dimri Towers, Mei Arad, Mordechai Aviv, Almog and Bonei Hatichon are tower blocks built in HaNeviim and HaMeginim . The names of the streets in HaMeginim (defenders) are of generals who served in the Israeli defence forces, military brigades or of special operations that took place defending Israel. In HaNeviim (prophets) the streets are named after prophets.

Residents moved into the Shimshoni neighborhood in 1999. The streets enveloping the neighborhood are HaHashmonaim Street in the East, Emek Zvulun situated southwest of the neighborhood, Emek Beit Shean and Hativat Harel. There are several shopping and cultural areas in the neighborhood. There is the Solomon Shopping Center as well as shopping centres in Emek Beit Shean and Emek Zvulun. There is the municipal football ground in Emek Beit Shean, also the “Meginim” sports center close to the Ironi Gimmel school. The schools in the neighborhood are Ironi Gimmel School, Keshet School, Avnei HaHoshen School, The Democratic School and Amit Boys and Amit Girls schools.

Both HaNeviim and HaMeginim districts of Shimshoni are popular areas to a wide diversity of residents including Anglos. The Dimri towers are a good example where new immigrants including many Anglos, Israeli born residents, and religious and secular all live in this project. Shimshoni neighborhood is a great place to live in and I recommend wandering around Shimshoni and discover this delightful neighborhood.

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