Short Term Rental Properties In Modiin

Michael Bloom from Eretznadlan offers property management to his clients. This means that he usually has several properties for rental, exclusive to Eretznandlan or Pisga Nadlan. Some of these properties are short term rentals. If you are interested in short term or long-term rentals, please keep looking at the Eretznadlan website listings or contact me, Michael Bloom.

Short-term rentals are for a period of one month and sometimes can be for a period of several months. Short term rentals can be very useful if you need to renovate your home, they can also be an option when making Aliyah before moving into a long-term rental, or before moving into a recently purchased home. Short term rentals can be a useful stepping stone before purchasing your new home. For whatever reason that you may need a short term rental check out the Eretznadlan website listings and contact me, Michael Bloom at Eretznadlan.

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