Ten Reasons Why I Love Modiin

Modiin is an amazing city, I have lived here since 2005. I have written 10 reasons why I love living in Modiin.

  1. Green Parks. Modiin is one of the greenest cities in Israel. There are many boulevards and streets with beautiful green parks running through them. When walking through Modiin you will be dazzled by the beauty of so many green parks. Anabe park is a very large park, situated close to the town center. This remarkable park has a large lake, an amphitheater for concerts and an adventure playground. Anabe Park also has a very spacious dog park, and numerous outdoor areas with exercise machines for keeping fit. Menachem Begin Boulevard is famous for its sport parks. I will write about each park in the future and photograph their beauty.  I was born and grew up in London so green parks are very important to me. Modiin has so many wonderful parks webbing through all its neighborhoods.  The thoughtful planning by designing Modiin to be abundant with green parks makes me so happy. I am delighted that Modiin is the city I have chosen as my home.
  2. Location. Modiin is located in the center of Israel. It is situated halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It is about 15 minutes’ drive from Ben Gurion Airport. Rishon Le Zion and Rehovot are not far away and can be accessed by the 431 Highway. Modiin is a short drive from the 6 Highway. This means that it is easy to travel to the south of Israel or speed northwards. I feel that I live in the center of Israel.
  3. Dynamic Developing City. The cornerstone of Modiin was laid in 1993. Since then, in a relatively short time the town has grown and developed into one of Israel’s finest of cities.  I came to live in Modiin in 2005. It is unbelievable how the city has changed since me and my family become residents. The trains arrived and now travel to northern Israel and to Jerusalem. The 431-road opening means that there are now easy transport options to get to Rishon Le Zion, Rehovot and to Highway 6. The Azrieli mall was built in 2008. This means that Modiin has a large and successful shopping center. Since then, the Maar, Modiin business center was recently built and it is still being developed. This has means that Modiin has become a jewel for shopping, culture and going out to eat, and is attracting visitors from all around Israel and the world. New neighborhoods have been and are being built. The commercial centers in Ligad and in Einav Center are continuously growing and developing. New wonderful real estate projects are offering residents and those who wish to move or invest in Modiin great options for buying properties in Modiin. It is so exciting to live in Modiin and watch the town develop. Almost every day I discover something new in this fascinating city and this adds to the quality of living in Modiin. Modiin is a truly dynamic and developing city.
  4. The People. Modiin has a diversity of residents. There are a mixture of young and old people. There are religious and secular, and a mixture of Anglos, and other immigrants from all over the world mixed with Israelis who were born in Israel. The residents are generally well educated, and many are serving in high positions in Israeli society. The mayor of Modiin, Haim Bibas is well known throughout Israel, Yariv Levin is the minister of Justice, Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon who was the chief of staff and was a past minister of defense are all examples of famous Modiin residents. There are also many other top military and security leaders and famous business people and media personalities living in Modiin – Maccabim – Reut. In Modiin you can speak Hebrew or English and feel perfectly comfortable. There are many Anglo new immigrants living in Modiin. When I am out shopping or walking around Modiin, I often bump into clients who have bought or rented properties using my Modiin real estate services. It is always wonderful to see them, and I feel so happy for having been involved in helping them find their dream Modiin home.
  5. Tranquility.  Modiin is generally a quiet and peaceful town. During the day there are few people walking through the quiet streets. Some people like bustling streets. I personally like a quiet, calm, and peaceful environment. Some people think that Modiin is a sleepy town. I like living in Modiin because of its tranquility. Even so, just within a few minutes you can be walking around bustling shopping centers and cultural establishments. Parking is easy and there are many nature trails within and close to Modiin. If you want the noisy town experience, Modiin is close to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Rishon Le Zion. So, if you are looking for a quiet home but close to bustling towns, Modiin will suit your real estate dreams just like it does to me and my family.
  6. Modiin Real Estate. There are an enormous amount of real estate options in Modiin. In Maccabim and Reut there are mainly large family homes, detached and semidetached, and both neighborhoods are quiet and pastoral. In Modiin there are 3 room (two bedroom) apartments and larger apartments with many more rooms, there are also many lovely garden apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and many properties with balconies and many of these have breathtaking views to the surrounding areas. There are tower blocks and low boutique buildings. Many of the properties are coated with Jerusalem stone. There are colorful houses like the ones built by the  Tsarfaty contractor  in Shimon Street and Yosef Street in HaShvatim (North Buchman). The beauty and diversity of the homes in Modiin are amazing. There is a home to suit almost every resident’s needs. I am a real estate agent since 2005 in Modiin. It is so wonderful and exciting to show my clients the many diverse real estate options in Modiin for them to consider. I find it so fulfilling in helping them find their dream home in Modiin.
  7. Shopping Centers. In Modiin-Macabim-Reut there are a wide range of shopping centers. There is the Azrielli Mall in the center of the city. The mall adjoins the Maar. The Maar has a boulevard running through it with an abundance of shops, offices, apartments and many eateries. Einav center is a huge shopping center close to the Patei Modiin situated in the outskirts of Modiin. There are a wide variety of shops, including 3 large supermarkets, a big “do it yourself” store and many eateries. In Avnei Chen the shopping centers are located under resident apartment buildings. In Modiin, you can find almost anything that you need to buy. My family loves to go shopping. Modiin is their favorite city to choose when they want or need to shop.
  8. Archeology. My home borders on a hill. I often wonder if Judah Maccabee had once wandered past my home. There are many archaeological sites in and around Modiin. I live in Modiin and feel that every day, as I wander through the city, I am walking through the history of the Jewish people in Eretz Israel. I find it enthralling that there are so many archeological sites within close walking distance from my home. Living in Modiin is to feel and be part of Jewish history.
  9. Modiin Is A Children’s Paradise. Modiin is such a fantastic city for children. There are an abundance of kindergartens and schools suitable for both religious and secular children. Education is of a high standard. Children playgrounds and parks are situated in every neighborhood. There are also a wide range of after-school activities. Modiin has the largest percentage of draftees in the Israeli Defense Forces. This means that Modiin children grow up to be responsible Israeli citizens and almost every child at 18 years old is prepared and willing to serve his/her country in order protect the people of Israel.
  10. Special Friends. Since I moved to Modiin, I have met many people. I now have many new special friends. I have felt more at home living in Modiin than in any other place where I have lived. I am surrounded by people who care and help each other. Modiin is a caring town. A truly friendly, caring, and amazing city!

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