Avnei Chen – Kaiser, Modiin


Article written by Lisa Baron who is an experienced real estate agent working in Modiin. Lisabenisty39@hotmail.com – +972 58-6692036

Photographs by Michael Bloom.

Kaiser (Avnei Chen)

There are around 2,300 units in Avnei Chen,and is also known as Kaiser. Topographically Kaiser is considerably flat and easy to walk places. Kaiser has a bakery, shuls, supermarket, pizza place, kupot cholim (health care centres) and a hardware store within the neighborhood among other facilities such as a mikva and day care centres. Kaiser is a short walk to the train station, Azrielli mall, and the Maar which is in the city centre. Kaiser is characterized by buildings of 3-4 stories high on average. Kaiser has a young Anglo community, but I would say that it is considered half Anglo and half Israeli – even though the parks are dominated by Anglos on shabbat.

There is a nice mix of dati (religious) and chiloni (secular) and there is a mutual respect for those keeping shabbat. There are on average about 13 shuls in Kaiser alone- so somewhere for everyone. The main Anglo shul is Darchei Tzion. Ayelet Haschar is another lovely shul that has a mix of Anglos and Israelis and is also very welcoming. Both are Ashkenazi shuls, but of course there are other shuls depending on the type of minyan that you are looking for, and for example if a children’s service is important to you.

The local religious school in Kaiser is Darchei Yehuda.

Below are photographs of Kaiser, Avnei Chen neighborhood:

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